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I work to support people through various difficulties that they may encounter in their lives, and to assist them in following their aspirations. I also work with each person to help them recognise in themselves an authentic nature and purpose.


My work is based on the growth of a collaborative relationship between my client and myself. This alliance has a tendency to catalyse the psyche's natural self-healing ability and may humanely bring about deep therapeutic transformation. I do not consider the individual a 'closed system' nor a collection of basic conceptual elements. Instead, I allow for the (ultimately unknowable) nature of the complete individual and the widening spheres of personal and collective interaction.


The sense of 'analysis' is therefore to untangle rather than pin down. In analysis we learn to experience ourselves and our situation more carefully. With this experience we acquire some choice in how we address what matters to us.


It has long been established that the best resolution of a problematic situation will emerge from the psyche after the groundwork has been laid. For this reason, I will not normally impose a standard method on clients, but will endeavour to learn from each person individually, and find out with them how they might best address the matter at hand.

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