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Analysis is generally practised on a one-to-one and confidential basis. The process is primarily driven by the client at a pace that psyche allows. The duration of my sessions are normally 50 minutes.

At first, my client and I will familiarise ourselves with one another and establish the current situation and its background. Psychic dynamics that may be aggravating my client's difficulties will be explored.

My client will employ his or her natural strengths to focus on and transform the psychic dynamics, assisting the flow of psychic energy where it has become locked in negative patterns.

At a later stage my client may choose to work with aspects of themselves with which they may not be so familiar and which they may initially find more challenging (and, later, possibly more rewarding.)

The process of exploration, integration and transformation may involve reflecting on daily events, feelings, dreams and fantasies, as well as creative work in any suitable medium. None of these activities are obligatory.

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